Thursday, September 13, 2012

You should have said, nice to meet you

Well, I didn't get many pictures today...the reason? Uh...I was watching a two year old all day! :P He's so awesome and we had such a good time, as always. :D The first thing he did today was run in and start playing on his car...slide...thing. :P As you can see in the picture, we stacked up a pile of bean bags for him to ram into. I think one of my favorite sounds is a little kid cackling out of pure delight...and that's exactly what Jakie-Bug did.
I am completely exhausted right now! I don't know why exactly...must be the minionette's fault. :P So, I'm afraid I'm not going to ramble on...I know...I're devastated. I am so sorry. Truly.
And! I don't know if I'll be blogging again this week...IDK...we shall see. :P
Y'all have a wonderful...wonderful (!) Friday tomorrow! And a blessed weekend. :D
Shee ya!
So, he went outside to "water the flowers"...he only watered the dirt and pine straw (and himself) and I ended up watering the flowers! :P

*Sigh* I really can't say how much this picture captures Jakie-bug

I love this one. :P

The weather was amazing today...I got up and our outdoor thermometer said that it was 75 degrees. Of course that made me grin muchly. 8-)

I love this wind chime. :)

Then Jacob and I went for a little walk

He's planning something here... scawy.

I kinda tried some experimenting with taking pictures of my shadows...I loved doing strange things like that with photography.

Bright and beautiful colors...bright and beautiful life! :D

Apparently my ankles are a great seat for da busta. :P

Here's Dad handing down the suitcases for their weekend trip. They are headed to Ga for the weekend.

And...we end the day with more slide, car, thingy. :D
Well, y'all have a wonderful weekend! :D Remember that life is beautiful and God is good! :D We are redeemed...we are alive in Christ...isn't that amazing? And the amazing thing is that we wouldn't even know we are alive now if we hadn't been dead before. Wouldn't see the light fully if we hadn't seen the dark. The darker the dark...the lighter and more beautiful the light. Right? I think so. At least it seems to make sense to me. :P
Anyhoo...not trying to preach. :P 
Be sure to smile and shine for Christ no matter where you are! :D


  1. Jakie-Bug seems like a likely prospect for a futere agent, we'll watch him closely. *nods*

    Agent D. Leiter

    1. I'm sorry, but he has already been drafted into a different training course. And he is progressing very well in the C.T.A. I think we will keep him.

  2. I LOVE that picture of the shadow! And Jakie really can't get much more adorable!