Thursday, September 20, 2012

 Well, it was another lovely day here in beautiful Bammy! The sky was bright blue and it only got just a little too hot. Now, the night is so pretty with the stars shining brightly. :)
Right now I have Jakie-Bug on my lap in the rocking chair. He's just about asleep and since my internet shuts off at 9:30...I thought he and I could blog together. So it's the chair, then me, then Jacob, then my computer all stacked on top of each other. :P 
There aren't too many pictures and none of them really go together...I have been pretty out of picture taking the last couple of weeks. I should get back on top of it. 
Anyways! Today ended up being a day of organizing. So the kids did school between jobs Mom would send them on. I did a few jobs and we got a lot done. It always feels wonderful to have a full day in and have so much done. 
This Saturday is the practice for the Star Chasers Mounted Drill Team's fund raising show for St. Judes Childrens' hospital. I am actually really excited about feels like forever since I been down there and I've missed the team a lot! Can't wait to see everyone and find out what volunteer work I'll be doing. Oh, yeah...and I'm going to be doing the Star Spangled Banner...performing it for the first time...and I really should get it all together because it's different every single time I do it. :P The show is next has crept up so fast! 
Well, in the time it has taken me to write this, Jacob has fallen asleep on me and I hope my arm doesn't go numb lol.
Anyhoo...sure do hope y'all had a wooonderful day today! Full of lots of smiles and shining! :D try and have an epic day tomorrow! Think happy thoughts and bright sights. :)
Later, folkses! Be sure to smile and shine for Christ, no matter where you are! 

My window faces the east and every morning I see this through my curtain...I thought it was kinda pretty. :)
I have all these words on my window and so when the sun shines through, it looks like the above picture through my curtain. I just thought it looked neat and I am kinda obsessed with experimenting with taking pictures of shadows lately. :P

Em found this floor chair and recovered it for me. It was incredibly nice of her and I loooove it. :D Goodbye bean bags! (Oh, and she got me that fur throw too...I have no idea what the occasion was...but it was ridiculously kind of her, I think.)

Aaaaand she put this beautiful purple trim on the bag! :D It matches my room! ^_^

And Jacob wanted a hot I made him a hot dog. :P And he rather enjoyed it. 

Jacob is on the hunt...wouldn't smile for the picture. Da stinka!

Two minions. 8-)

Jacob has sooo much fun with these empty pickle barrels. He gets in them and rolls around and then he pushes it around...rather adorable. ^_^

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