Saturday, September 8, 2012

A day with Brotha, a trip to town and etc.

So, it's official folks. I am more awesome than I was. How, you wonder, is that possible? Well...because Micah said so. He had put in Iron Man and started to watch it...then I asked if he had Spider Man and he said yes...then when I said "Hmmm, I'd rather watch that." He gave me this excited, shocked look and jumped up singing, "Annna is now awwwwsome!" Then he looks back and says, "Oh...uh...I were already awesome. you are just more awesome!" brother is such and awesome dude. :P So, Spider Man it was...even if I hardly watched it. :P Gotta bunch of reading to complaining there!
And I got to spend the better part of a whole day with him. :D Brotha and Sista (and Sadie), left to our own mischief while parents took the three smallest minions to Star Chasers (mounted drill team practice) in Florida and Em is at work. Jakie-Bug has gone to spend the day with his Mommy and sister in the hospital and Tina decided to keep him with her tonight too. *sniff* So...well...we'll just say that I am having Jakie-Bug withdrawal right now. :P But I'm glad he gets to be with his Mommy, of course. :)
The meal for lunch at church tomorrow was pretty I got that done Micah and I hung out. I tried to do some reading...but I had such a hard time focusing today. Which means I'm behind...which is totally fine. Because I'll just catch up. Doi. :P
Anyhooo...we had a nice surprise...Em, Micah and I went to town after Em got back from work and we ended up meeting Grandma and her guests for dinner. My great uncle and great aunt are down visiting. It was so awesome seeing Uncle John again and I met Aunt Carol for the first time. I was very excited and it was really, really nice. always! I was excited to see Grandma (I have the coolest Granny. 8-) )
Right now...I'm in the den with the three little girls watching Little House on the Prairie, Micah is in his room (probably working on our movie) and Fatha and Motha are in their room.
Church is tomorrow...I'm really looking forward to it. It's been another long week...but this week has seemed especially long. So, church will be nice. :) Maybe I'll take PJ and get some pix of mah little girls too. Thy're all sooooo cute. :D
Anyways...boy am I rambling tonight! Sorry 'bout that. :P
Hope y'all had a wonderful day! Hope you're having a super evening and rest well tonight!
And! Hope you have a wonderful, blessed Lord's day tomorrow. Remember to smile and shine for matter where you are. :D

First, after we saw the family off, Micah and I got to work on the list Mumzy left for us to get done.

Cleaning up the bookshelves...such a good brotha.

*happy sigh*

Then, we watched some movies...or...Micah watched the movie while I tried to keep up with it and read...and ended up thinking more than anything. :P

But, I managed to throw some sandwiches together...Sadie wanted them.

What is wrong with people these days? I mean...taking perfectly good oreos and changing them? Well, they tasted pretty good...but chocolate and creme are the best. Only dipped in milk. Otherwise, all oreos are nasty. Yep. I mean...y'know...IMHO.

And off to town we go! We went to just a few stores...Lifeway, of course. :D Micah needed to go to the office he and Em went there and I ran into me another new album. Always make me happeh. (Well, most of the time. :P)

Emily Lynn. :D

And yes...I am posting a picture that was taken with... S-S-Siri...

Driving down the road...if Elvis looks like me...this is what he would look like.

Micah and Uncle John. :D

The group

Something kinda interesting...lately I keep noticing how beautiful the clouds are. Doesn't that sound kind of funny? People are always complaining about the clouds....but I've seen so many lately that are so beautiful. And all of them had the sun shining through them. You didn't really notice how pretty the sunlight was unless it was behind a cloud. That's kinda reminds me of life right now.

Whenever I see streams of light coming through clouds it always makes me think of when Christ returns for some reason.

And I asked Daddy to email a few pictures from Star Chasers with his phone. Here's Miss Tammy in the front. She so neat.


And Noami and Bear
The album I got was by Mandisa. I really don't care to much for most of the female vocalist in softer Christian music...but I really do like a lot of Mandisa (and this album came with the sound of TobyMac on it...woooop! :D ). Here's a song on the album...I'd heard it a while ago...but it's such a good song. I love it. It's so encouraging and at certain times can pull you through if you blare it loud enough. :P (And I love the picture used in this lyrics video.)

And this one is really good...not typical Mandisa, but the lyrics are great. And pretty hard to swallow for some reason. :P


  1. If you're now more awesome than usual, you will be expected to behave as such. What does that entail? I really have no idea. It's just something stupid to say.

    Anyway. Mom and Dad left today also and left us with a big long list. Irony. Awesome self-portrait through the car mirror, btw. And I meant to go see the Grinch today about some boots, and I totally forgot. Hmm. Not like I really want to spend the money anyway.

    Looks like ya'll had an awesome time. :)

  2. You and Emily are so pretty! Love your matching dimples!! :)