Sunday, September 23, 2012

There's nothing else to lose, there's nothing else to find

Well, church was today. And it almost feels like it was yesterday for some reason. :P I woke up at about 6 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep soooo, it feels like three days crammed into one just cuz it's seemed so long. :P But, it's been an amazing day in some ways. :) It's amazing how God always knows just what to do. Just who do use and how at just the right time.
Church was refreshing. Pastor Donald gave an excellent message on submission. Not my favorite subject. :P But it was really great and insightful.
After a wonderful time of fellowship at church, we came home and Dad took Mom on their weekly (scheduled :P ) date and left us kids here to try and survive on our own without them till their return. *sniff* but! The kids have raspberry bars left from we are making it. I had one too and they weren't bad at all. Em made them...good job, sis. I made up lunch again for church...teehee...why does that give me a strange, almost...rebel kind of pleasure? Like...I don't follow a recipe...the recipe can't tell me what to do! Mwahaha. Ha. *cough* It wasn't bad either...but it was better last time I made it. :/ But I won't write it down...or else...then the next time I make it I would have to follow a recipe (even if it was my own) and that's just. not. fun. Nope. I'm a bit (really) crazy when it comes to my...uhhhh...womanly pride and household duties? I mean...why not shake it up and make it a bit more exciting, right? :P
I think Em and I are gonna watch the movie "Cowboys and Aliens" tonight. When I was little aliens freeeaked me out (and maybe they still do to an extent...even if they aren't real. Funny how the things that are the most not real can be the scariest.). Really....I don't expect much. :P But Em and I have both been curious about the film and it'll be awesome to hang out with her. :)
I am really not taking pictures like I should these days...shame, shame, shame. But! I AM listening to music. :D (Of course!) about some of that? Eh?

How about...good ol' Relient K. 8-) One of mah favs by them. And is that stars I see in this video? IDK...I haven't watched the vid yet. :P The awesome thing about pressing on is...pressing on doesn't mean you have to have to wrestle with life or always be fighting like a crazed warrior. Pressing on just means...trusting Christ. Letting go and laying it at His feet. Simple, right? It is if you have perspective and look at it right. just takes God using a special tool to show this to you. And He never fails to use those tools...isn't that beautiful? Crazy how much you can not deserve something that you have anyways. Knocks you on your face in gratitude and awe. God is beyond amazing. Anyways! Here's the song! :D

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  1. Haha. We came home and watched a movie about aliens also. Men in Black 1. I wasn't very impressed, honestly. It was strange and pretty silly, I thought.

    Love that song. :)